Saturday, August 9, 2014

Strawsmopolitan and a Splash Party

Do you ever feel like someone pushed the fast forward button on your life?  This summer has been totally like that for me.  I don't know where the time has gone, but I know that it's gone too quickly!

You know what this calls for?

A drink poolside.

Sure, my pool is inflatable and only about 3 feet deep.  Doesn't matter.  I have a very active imagination, and besides, I'm pretty darn happy on my own deck, overlooking the garden and watching my kids play, and sipping my newest creation: the Strawsmopolitan.

Remember back when I went strawberry picking and ended up with a ton of strawberries to use?  Well, I put some of them to use in making my own strawberry vodka.  Sure, you can find all sorts of flavored vodkas these days, but using fresh fruit to make your own is super easy, and it tastes sooooooo much better!  This vodka is the essence of strawberries, bottled.  My only regret is that I didn't make more of it.

Like I said, super easy to make: Take a large jar or sealable container.  Fill it with fresh strawberries that have been cleaned, destemmed, and cut in half.  Scoop a little sugar on top of the berries if you want...totally optional, but I have a sweets addiction, so I do.

Then fill the rest of the jar with vodka, and let it sit in a cabinet or other out-of-the way place for at least 3 weeks.  The berries will release their color, flavor, and probably their souls into the vodka.  It's awesome.

Strain the liquid through a fine sieve, and there you go!  I like to keep mine in the freezer, so that it's nice and cold. 

Maybe a little too cold, because it gets kind of slushy, but that's not an awful problem to have.

Now for the Strawsmo:

2 parts Strawberry Vodka
1 part Triple Sec
The juice of half a lime

Fill a shaker with ice, then pour all the ingredients in.  Cover, shake, and strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with lime, a strawberry, or both!  

Kick back, sip, and stretch out these last days of summer.  Drink it all in.  Summer, I mean, not the drink. 

Well, the drink too.  

You totally deserve it, don't you think?

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