Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shroom For More

Would you believe me if I told you I had a hot veggie side that you can throw together in 5 minutes?  with only 3 ingredients?  Because I do.

Even better than that, if you know someone who's not a big fan of mushrooms, this could possibly convert them.  It did for me.  I still wouldn't consider myself big on mushrooms, but I do enjoy them this way.

I got this method from a vendor at Green City Market in downtown Chicago.  He had a bunch of mushrooms cooked up this way and managed to charm my friend and me into trying them.  It was eye-opening.  They almost tasted like little bites of steak!  No kidding, that was my mushroom epiphany right there.

Need more proof that this is worth a try?  Tonight, when my hubby saw the bag of mushrooms that I had gotten from Amy's at the farmers' market yesterday, his eyes got big, and he said, "Mushrooms?  Are you cooking them your way?  Awesome!".  Last week, when we were up at hubby's family's lake house, I made them as a side for dinner, and my 6-year-old ate 4 helpings of these mushrooms.  I'm pretty sure that scored me some points with my mother-in-law.  

Anyway, it will take you less time to cook these than it will for you to read this blog post.  

First, get some mushrooms.  The fresher they are, the better the taste will be.  I've found that I can make this with store bought mushrooms, and it's okay, but the ones I get from the farmers' markets are amazing!  A whole different ball game, both in taste and texture.  

Trim the bottoms of the mushrooms and cut them into halves or quarters, about bite sized.  If you have some smaller ones, they can be left whole, but you want everything relatively the same size.

Then take a large pan or wok and get it on medium high heat.  Pull out some olive oil and some soy sauce.
If you look closely, you can see the moving arm of a little mushroom swiper in the background!
Heat a tablespoon or so of the oil in the pan.  Get it good and hot, so that there's a sheen to it.

Add the mushrooms and toss them around the pan for a minute to coat them with the oil.  Keep the heat nice and hot, and keep the mushrooms moving.

Toss some soy sauce, about a tablespoon or so, into the pan.  It will sizzle and steam.  Keep tossing the mushrooms around in the pan for another minute.

Take them off the heat, and serve them hot. That's it!  Super simple, super delicious!

Tonight, we had them for dinner with pork chops and homemade rice pilaf.  

It doesn't get much more quick and easy than this!  

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  1. YUM! Can't wait to try this...Bolingbrook Farmer's Market starts this Thursday ;)