Sunday, July 12, 2020

Peach Margaritas - Summer in a Glass

Oh, y'all... it's been a long time off the blog...
It is far too long of a story, but to sum up:
New jobs
I can't even process some days. But I AM still cooking and creating constantly. So, now that I've finally broken the seal, hopefully there are good times (and recipes) on the way!

Anyhow, a brief story on this one: the kids and I were on a hint for fireworks in Wisconsin for the 4th of July, because, as you know, teens and pyrotechnics are a match made in heaven. Anyhow, the fireworks warehouse I know of was closed, probably related to Covid. So we started driving back to the lake. And in the way, we saw a cheese curd truck. 

Not joking. 

Anyhow, nearby, there was also a fireworks tent. So after indulging in some (AMAZING) cheese curds, we went over to where the fireworks tent was set up. And we noticed people standing in line. Not for the fireworks... for another truck. 
A peach truck.

Now, when I see a double line 6 people deep, and watch people walking away with boxes of peaches... there's no way I'm not going to be a part of something like that. 
So, five minutes and forty dollars later, I had my own giant box of fresh Georgia peaches. 

And they are everything and more. 

So... fast forward through half the box of peaches, a multistate drive home,  and limited fridge space, and that brings you to these amazing peach margaritas.

Necessity breeds invention, amirite?

Here's what you need:

4-5 fresh peaches, peeled, pitted, and chopped into large hunks
Juice of 1 lime
2 tablespoons honey (pepper honey is AMAZING in this)
3 oz. triple sec
6 oz. tequila 
2 cups ice

Combine your peaches, lime juice, honey and liquors in a blender and puree it until smooth. Then add in your ice and blend until it has an even consistency. Pour into a glass and then garnish with a wedge of fresh peach. Add a floater shot of good tequila, if you're feeling a little extra. 

Look at that color. Gorgeous!!!

It's the ideal summer drink. Seasonal produce, super chill, light but can't get better than that!

A couple of notes on the mix:

I like a bit of the unexpected, so I used a wildfire honey made with chili to give it a little back end kick, but straight honey would be lovely too.

Your peaches need to be ripe AF. Like, almost too ripe. Soft almost to squishy. That's when the sugars are prime for mixing and the consistency will blend up right. Chunks are the enemy. 

Use. Good. Tequila. Thanks to Hollow Leg, a friend of mine, I was made aware of Fino tequilas. Fino is a Chicago local made tequila, made by a company owned and run by women. And as that wasn't enough, it's also really high quality and delicious! Find your favorite, and don't skimp. The depth of flavor of your tequila can really enhance your drink. 

This margarita is the ideal summer drink. Fresh, light, flavorful, and boozier than it seems. Cheers to summer 2020!

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